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Tender asparagus is an aphrodisiac? Three blinding candles and listening to the sounds of people eating? A sterile table except for a basket of cut bread? A convenient ashtray right behind the woman who goes ballistic when the man lights up a cigarette in her house? It's their anniversary and she throws WATER in his face because she's unhappy? Break the wine bottle over his head to get his attention. I have watched far too many excellent short independent films, as well as been killed in a few, to be a tame critic.

I found the plot, if you could call it that, SO predictable. Brief social commentary on the possible future of online marriage and gender role reversal, ending with the new man seeming to be what she wants (although that was more than a five o'clock shadow on his face). The tip-off for me was his refusal to have a glass of wine with her, although he tricked her by massaging her shoulders, asking about her day, then "killing" her and going to watch TV with a remote in his hand?

Give me a break. I could care less if this won awards ON THE MOON. When a short film has an extremely long list of credits, it's using valuable time for actual content, and I'm the kind of film watcher who reads the credits. Plus her laptop was a Mac, two thumbs down from this extremely low maintenance woman. High maintenance was what my 14 year old grandson would call a bad vignette.

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