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advice from a self-proclaimed allergist

Re: Avoiding Dust Mites

"You could sleep in a hammock that is washed weekly in hot water.
Although this is highly effective, it is relatively impractical
and a remedy that I don't usually recommend.

If it is not practical to wash certain types of bedding,
like an expensive down comforter,
placing it in a bag and putting in the freezer overnight
is a good alternative.

If your children are allergic to dust mites,
they should be encouraged not to play
on carpets."

I read this tidbit because I have seen too many overly ENLARGED
MAGNIFIED photographs of dust mites. Just one more thing to feel
like you just can't win no matter what you do. Since I have allergies
to many things, I've decided dust mites are going off the list.
In fact, I've decided to actually deny their existence altogether.
Life is too short to be sleeping on something that needs to be washed
weekly, and my family thinks I'm eccentric enough, so the L.L. Bean
comforters will not be going into the freezer overnight.(I would have
suggested during the day, since most people SLEEP at night, hence
needing their comforters in their hammocks, but I'm no allergist.)
As for encouraging children not to play, I'm so relieved "on carpets"
was added for clarification. However, it is my layperson's understanding
that dust mites lurk in fuzzy, cute, soft stuffed teddy bears and bunnies
and even your eyelashes.