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I love this garden planning tool. It is an online subscription service with an option for a month's free trial. Currently it costs $25 per year.

So what do I get for that? Magic! It organized my brain. My mind can now wrap around when to plant what and spacing and crop rotations and even sequencing of multiple crops in one year.

It beats Farmville hands down and I play with it a LOT. The thing is though is after I play on the computer I also go out and plant the crops. So far this spring I've harvested lettuce, spinach and radishes.

The site owner Jeremy is very responsive and helpful. There are video tutorials on how to use it. There are timely articles with a space for questions that actually get answered. New features like "publish" are being added. In fact you can see my garden plan here: http://www.growveg.com/garden-plan.aspx?p=122852 and a winter photo of the actual garden with a roughly projected fence line on my homenode. Here is last year's garden after the corn got blown down. Even a good garden plan didn't prevent that, but a better support system might!

So…if you want to garden for real and you like computers (come on, you’re on E2) and your brain needs a bit of organizing to help pull it all together, come try out growveg.com. I bet you’ll like it too.

I can't be outside in the garden at midnight...so I can either be on E2 or growveg...or like tonight, on both.