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The great writeup purge continues. Apparently someone's taken me on as a project--four more gone, none copyrighted, so it's purely aesthetic. Whatever. What a lonely sad job, going through the cruft of e2 looking for extraneous crap. I surely lack the motivation do do it to my own writeups. Whoever you are, good luck with that.

At least my node-fu keeps increasing. I guess that's pleasant. And I figure doing day logs will help keep the flux even.

I was hoping to do a great writeup on the real meaning of "the medium is the message" but others have already sone a sufficiently good job. I might have something to add but I need to think about it. I' m just now getting around to reading Understanding Media and it's quite a trip. Probably important for the average e2 user.

Now to more housework on my day off.