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Oh my it's not Monday but Tuesday the weekend was SO good I added a day.

Friday the kids went to Grandma's and then Netlvrs_Girl and I went out to dinner with another couple and we had a little play time. Then after sleeping till noon we went to our BDSM club. They had a great demonstration of bondage and suspension. I was tied in a sack and hung from the ceiling a suprisingly calming experience. We then simply hung out and then went home with a girlfriend and went to bed.

The next day was a pot-luck at the club and more demos but this time needle play and fire play.

For those who are freaked out everything is safe, sane and consentual. It's definately NOT for everybody but is very fulfilling in my life.

After injuring myself (not related to the activities of the weekend) and seeing the doctor. I had a great trip so see the in-laws but got hit with a stomach flu.

Well tonight I'm off to a class at the club for dom's and then home to bed.

Why can't I have a few more days in the week to do all of this stuff?