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A lass from all over, originally Birmingham, with irish heritage, then York, Rochester in Kent and currently Essex. Mid twenties, work for The National Trust as a trainee warden and currently panicing at the slightly scary prospect of getting a real job.

I love life, I love people and I am always positive and cheerful. (Except when I'm not, but that isn't very often) Am somwhere between an ESFP and an ENFP in the summary of MBTI types. I am interested in everything and write rather sporadically, but the purchse of a new laptop may change this.
I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups and I shall enjoy writing them!

Many thanks to the following for deeming some of my w/u's worth C!
stupot (who gets a special mention because I was his first ever C! :o)
abiessu ameriwire Apatrix ascorbic avalyn baffo BlueDragon borgo bozon Byzantine cbustapeck cethiesus Chattering Magpie dannye DejaMorgana dem bones drownzsurf eponymous etouffee fondue girlotron Gritchka Grzcyrgba heyoka hotthamir Igloowhite Ikura IndigoSky Jet-Poop JohnnyGoodyear JudyT liveforever Lometa madvid Miles_Dirac momomom montecarlo nine9 Noether Oolong Pseudo_Intellectual purple_curtain pylon ravy roninspoon RubenAzarja SharQ sid skybluefusion smartalix sneff spiregrain stupot Teiresias Tem42 The Alchemist Tiefling Timeshredder trainman Transitional Man wertperch Withnail XWiz

Cool Man Eddie says Yo, the entire node Cleopatra's Needle, in which you have a writeup, was editor cooled. Your reward is knowing you're cooler than liquid nitrogen.

Cool Man Eddie says Yo, the entire node Cardinal, in which you have a writeup, was editor cooled. Your reward is knowing you're cooler than liquid nitrogen.

I node factual things, I have no daylogs or angsty rambles of any kind to my name. I wrote a poem once, but I'll stick to what I'm good at...
I like people, places, perculiarites, and ancient historic sites, with natural history being my staple at present, and favourite folk song lyrics, which possibly shouldn't be noded, but it's keeping alive the oral tradition, or something!

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