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Pilot's Iroshizuku inks are a line of fountain pen inks, and are considered Pilot's best inks, and among the best fountain pen inks out there. They're available in a wide variety of colors, each of which has a Japanese name. The currently available colors are:

Kon Peki - "Deep Azure", self-explanatory

Tsuki-Yo - "Moonlight", a blue-black

Take-Sumi - "Gray Black", self-explanatory

Shin-Ryoku - "Deep Green", self-explanatory

Syo-Ro - "Pine Tree Dew", blue-green, more blue than green

Fuyu-Syogun - "Old Man Winter", a deep, slightly-blue gray

Kiri-Same - "Autumn Shower", a lighter gray

Tsuyu-Kusa - "Asiatic Dayflower", a bright blue

Asa-Gao - "Morning Glory", a deep navy-blue

Ama-Iro - "Sky Blue", a light blue

Yama-Guri - "Wild Chestnut", a greenish brown-black

Kosumosu - "Cosmos", a reddish-pink

Chiku-Rin - "Bamboo Forest", a slightly-yellow green

Tsutsuji - "Azalea" (a flowering shrub), a bright pink

Yama-Budo - "Crimson Glory" (a flowering vine), a dark reddish-purple

Ku-Jaku - "Peacock", a deep turqoise

Momiji - "Autumn Leaves", a bright red

Fuyu-Gaki - "Persimmon" (an orange fruit), a bright reddish-orange

Murasaki-Shikibu - "Purple", a deep lavender

Trsukushi - (I couldn't find a translation for this one anywhere. Apparently it's both a Japanese name and also a restaurant. It also has something to do with Sushi.), a brown.

Ina-Ho - "Rice Ear", a golden-brown]

Shin-Kai - "Deep Sea", a muted blue

Asijisai - "Hydrangea", a deep lavendar-blue

Yu-Yake - "Sunset", a yellow-orange


Subjective Impressions

I have personally tried Tsuki-Yo, Fuyu-Syogun, Chiku-Rin, and Fuyu-Gaki, my personal favorite of which is the Fuyu-Gaki. The ink is water-based and writes like a dream; it flows well in almost all of my pens (with the exception of my flex-nibs and extra-fine nibs). It glides pretty well across the page, isn't too watery, and isn't super thick either. I've never had a problem with the ink separating but I always shake them up beforehand just to be extra safe.

If you're looking to get into the fountain pen world, they have ink sets in which you can get three rather small bottles of the ink in three different colors and try out each of the colors. It's great for trying out and finding a color you like. You can also buy small sample vials from fountain pen distributors such as Goulet Pens.