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Earth: Final Conflict
Episode: 101
Season: 1
Airdate: 1997-10-06

Series premiere!

The Taelons say they have come in friendship to Earth. Da'an, the North American Taelon ambassador, is fired upon by Police Captain William Boone's old friend Eddie Jordan, but the bullet hits millionaire Jonathan Doors instead. Boone begins to realize that Eddie is working for an underground resistance movement against the Taelons, but as he is investigating further, his wife is killed when her car explodes.

Not knowing what else to do, Captain Boone accepts a job offer from the Taelons. He becomes Commander of Security and Interspecies Relations, and protector to Da'an. At the same time, he is recruited by Eddie Jordan, a criminal computer genius named Augur and a shuttle pilot named Lili Marquette to join the Resistance.

As with all human operatives working for the Taelons, Captain Boone must receive a CVI - a cyber-viral implant. The implant allows him to control a weapon that is imbedded in his arm called a Skrill, and increases his brainpower significantly. However, there is a downside to the CVI - it will warp his mind to be submissive to the Taelons. Dr. Julianne Belman, portrayed by Majel Barret of Star Trek fame, is a Resistance sympathizer, and modifies his CVI so that his priorities will not be altered.

Boone quickly grows to distrust FBI agent Ronald Sandoval, who is also introduced in this pilot episode. Jonathan Doors reveals that he faked his own death so that he could become leader of the Resistance. In the end, Boone's friend Eddie Jordan also turns up dead, leaving Boone to wonder whether the Resistance or the Taelons were responsible for the death of his wife and Eddie.

I was hooked from the beginning with this pilot. The cast worked, the Taelons looked cool, and the storyline was intriguing - and quite unique, as far as I could tell. What was the real reason for the Taelons' arrival on Earth? Could the Resistance be trusted? The viewers were left with as many questions as William Boone, and it took five years to thoroughly answer them.

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