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Anti-Evolution is a state that a species will enter when it reaches a level of advancement sufficient to over rule the laws of natural selection and survival of the fittest. This is the state that the population of humans has reached.

As a species we no longer take part in survival of the fittest. It has been thousands of years since there was any sort of real survival of the fittest for the majority of the species. There is nowhere on the earth where the stronger human will survive its predators by being stronger and smarter. This happens because we are undisputedly at the top of the food chain. There is no other species which attacks us and kills our weak. It just doesn’t happen. We also do not have to hunt for our food or be skilled gatherers. If there is a weak baby born it no longer dies but lives a normal life just as any other human would.

This state is not a bad thing. I personally doubt I would have been tough enough to fight my way through life. Very few people on this planet could go back to that way of life. Until there were humans, species evolved around strength and hardiness. They survived based on their ability to find food and protect themselves. Now we evolve around intelligence and wit. It is no longer important to be strong or hardy.

What will become of our species? There is nothing on record to prepare us for what is to come. Will we dwindle away into unimaginably weak bodied beings surviving only by our technology? It is a prospect that is not that far fetched. And I prospect I am glad I won’t be alive to see.

And in response to the "evolution can't go backwards" Evolution implies advancement. As defined by webster evolution is the opposite of involution which implies the loss of traits.