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Oh, boy... Am I uninspired... I'm dry... nada... Whenever I feel like contributing to E2 with a writeup my mind goes blank. I have become an espectator...

The username comes from the shadowlord of cowardice in Ultima V. I'm not a coward, however (nor shadowy, lord or female), but I got used to that nick since my BBS times (a looong time ago).

I'm just here hoping to contribute something useful to world.

I'm a packrat for books. My favorite search on e-bay is "book lot", tho I sometimes don't even read them (I keep them mostly out of the hope that some day I will).

Space constraints has driven me to give some away and, in some extreme cases, trash them. It's always kind of sad. But I'm an addict. I always come back for more.

May 28,2002

Last night I saw Blade II and man IT ROCKS!

I'm not the kind of man that takes things too personally, I consider myself to be fairly thick skinned. But it seems to me that there are far too many empty writeups and they are always a letdown. The title sounds so promising and there's nothing there but the BLAB! button. According to "empy writeup" it is because someone started to write and lost courage, or was at lost for words...

May 29,2002

I did a writeup today called Warning label for relationships, it was downvoted (dammit, +6/-8) and somebody left a softlink leading to an empty writeup If you use a female handle you'll get more xp. Funny, if I hadn't played Martian Dreams I would have never found out that nosfentor is a female name. So, is it such an obviously female name? Not that it matters to me, mind you, i just don't see it.

I took another shot at humor in The Speedy Gonzales Syndrome. It probably failed mostly, since so many people took it seriously. All in all, it came up ahead in votes (+10/-9).