In FTP from my dreams someone says "you can't read in dreams".

In my dream journal, I found that I have read a book about MAPS, another whose title was INVUM which was about Hell, and various traffic signs (like STOP, and the names of streets). I have even seen signs in unknown languages I didn't understand and written down the characters I remembered. In a dream I read writing carved in trees and in another dream I saw the number 123 on two hills. Often, if a word found in a dream represents a novel place or concept, I use it as a neologism in real life.

I've also fallen in dreams, usually because I was flying and shot down... and died in other ways such as being eaten by animals.

Fortunately, I cannot feel pain in dreams.
Dying in a dream is like either going blind and waking up,
or suddenly teleporting to a new place in another dream.

So I bust the myths that people can't read in dreams,
nor live to tell a dream about dying.

Telephones don't work too well in dreams. But it is amazing that they can work in dreams at all. They have to connect to other people who aren't even in the dream. Then the operator announces the line is disconnected. (Probably because) it is too abstract.