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"Edan" is an emcee and DJ, he's from boston and has shared tracks with the likes of Mr. Lif and Count Bass D. I would call the style future-retro, (sure is has a feel that is reminiscent of old school cause of his choice of samples) mixing old jams with spaced out sounds. his lyrics and style are excellent, I would highly recommend his "future primitive plus" LP.

While stripping the internet, I found some rare stuff by Edan, he did a live show with Insight on that fantastic 4our's radio show, its an excellent mix (with velvet underground, hendrix and lots of old school jams that are not run of the mill) with a short (~4 minutes) emcee acapella at the end with Edan and Insight (read: lyrical slaughter, these two emcee's were born to make the "hip hop").

Edan also cut a remix of Mr. Lif and Opio (of the Hieroglyphics) track called "The Fulcrum", This track appears on the def jux label. Akrobatic also has a track produced by Edan called "the hand that rocks the cradle".