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when i got to work there was no power except the emergency lights. i had planned to go shopping for a dress during lunch, but since i couldn't work anyway i just headed to the stores. i wear size 12 pants. so i try on a par of size 12 dresses, all of which are tight across the hips. i try on a size 14, same thing, just slightly looser. i almost cried thinking i would have to buy a size 16. the size 16 dress hung on me like a 10-man tent. i left that store and went to another. all the "womens" clothes sucked. they looked matronly and grandmother-esque. i perused the juniors section and found a cute little size 11 purple mini-dress. it fits perfectly. i got a sweater to go over it, and some cute shoes. i brought the new clothes back to work and changed into them in my office. everyone it staring at me. a lot of people are commenting about me wearing a dress or about the tattoo on my calf they never knew i had.

i was hoping to accomplish a lot today, but last night while checking out code from Visual Source Safe, the power blinked and it didn't get the entire source tree. unfortunately, getting the entire source tree through VSS takes about 3 hours (not because it's a lot of code, but because VSS sucks that badly) and i had to restart it again today once the power came back on at work. GUH!


more to come when it's later

it's later...

while one my way out of work, the receptionist called my name and said there was a package for me. when i got to the front desk i saw a vase of roses with balloons attached. of course they were for me! i love my man. he says for me because it's thursday. :) take notes, guys.

the bridal shower was a gaggle of chickenheads, cluck, cluck, cluck. i hate to admit to having had fun there. even the silly games. one thing to note is this: ALL OF THE BRIDES FRIENDS ARE HOTTIES!