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Q: "what happens when you cross a book/camera/car with a computer."

A: A Police cruiser!

A word from the peanut gallery...

But seriously, this realistically applies to "open source" developers, who are usually the lead programmer, Quality Assurance and Project Leader all in one. And after all, to really think about the needs or concerns of the end-user would be dropping to their level...note sarcasm.

I figure, with these types of programs, (Emacs, Pppd, whatever), there are basically two schools of thought:

  • The "Hey man, why don't you make it easier for Joe Idiot" school. They of course, think of the end user (who may even be them). They'll end up writing X front ends.
  • The other, school(duh), would be the "psycho 1337 hacker d00d" school (pardon the generalization, all hackers aren't teenage script kiddies{them're what ya call cracka's!}). I would think these people tend to think something along the lines of "Hey, I can figure it out, why can't you?" ... Zork, anyone? The other, more offensive line of thought might be, "Hey fuck you, I don't care if you can't use the program, this shit is meant for the guys who can figure it out." Sounds kinda like the first one tho, oh well.

    But anyways, to cut to the chase, should every software project out there have a corporate "Project oriented" team-player blah blah setup? Or should the lone programmers be more considerate of the end-user? Insert Choice-C here.

    I'll let you be the judge