Let's get it on, come to me baby
Ooh, let me be your rockin' chair
Just-a rock me 'way from here...

Let your arms shelter me from all hurt and pain
Mmm, light my heart, with your everlasting flame...

Pentecostal minister Gwen McCrae and her then-husband George McCrae were associated with TK Records owner Henry Stone long before the advent of KC and the Sunshine Band's period of world domination; George and Gwen were a singing duo, produced originally (in the 60s) by Brad Shapiro, who himself would go on to fame, working with underground R&B diva Millie Jackson in the 70s, and helping steer James Brown's "Too Funky in Here" "comeback" at the end of the decade.

Much as punk rock has become a narrowly-defined genre, disco seems to have been shorn of some of the funky artifacts that made it what it was during its ascent into national prominence; "Rockin' Chair" is one of those artifacts, and one of the best of them.

This 1975 song, written by Clarence "Blowfly" Reid and Willie Clarke, was an answer song, of sorts, to George's hit "Rock Your Baby" of a year before; the latter was written and produced by Harry Casey and Rick Finch of the Sunshine Band, and they were part of the "TK Family" production team for "Rockin' Chair" as well.