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I was at Auburn, visiting my friend Jason... ajacent to his apartment was the indoor pool which was filled with sticks and dead birds and such. I climbed in and removed some of the sticks, after two tries and a running jump I was able to get back out. My ex-ex-girlfriend, Lindsey, was directing the cleaning action and was appearantly also running for president. I had a feeling she would win, she had also gained a lot of charisma. I looked at her from above, through Jason's window, before we somehow had to go to P.E.
People in the dressing room were making fun of my Waterman, but I didn't care. Jason and I decided to go back to our old school and visit our hippy government teacher. It had so turned out that he was tripping when we got there and kept on cursing at everbody and everything.
We go back outside; I spend a good ten minutes walking around my dream-world, being questioned by serveral people as to what I am doing. The world is a lot like Venice at night, placed in an urban area though. Then the client from hell calls and wakes me up.