After reading arcanamundi's words about the world of the afro products, I was scared to try them. I have naturally wavy hair. Translated, that means I have what appears to most people to be straight yet frizzy hair. I've always had baby-fine hair, and I despise using any products that require time and energy on my part. I have found that I have two options with my hair: 1) wash my hair only about once a week, and at that point it looks crummy and dry for at least two days following, but limp and lifeless for the other five; or 2) spend 30 minutes with the hair straightener for special occassions when I want to look extra special. Even after using massively moisturizing conditioners and leave-in treatments like frizz-ease, trying to straighten with a hair dryer is still not enough.

After concluding that my hair care regimen needed a serious overhaul, I went on the hunt for a conditioner containing no alcohol. This turned out to be nearly impossible. At the local supermarket, I found myself hunting through the afro products. I frequently put baby oil in my hair after washing while I moisturize the rest of my wet self, so when I spotted a product which seemed like nothing more than a few oils in pomade form, I took it home.

I had purchased Kuza, which advertized itself as 100% Indian Hemp hair and scalp treatment, but as I said before, it looked mostly like brown pomade. There was a slight pleasant odor. Of course, there were no instructions on the container, so I was left with my rockabilly knowledge of pomade.

My method for use may or may not be how you're really supposed to use these products, but I've had excellent results. Here's what I do: I wash my hair using Nature's Gate herbal shampoo and conditioner which contain no alcohol. I towel dry my hair, and while it's still very wet, I scoop out a teeny tiny amount of the Kuza. By tiny, I mean think of the amount of moisturizer you pump out to put on your face. Generally, not more than what would just barely give one fingertip a thin coating. Rub the goo between your palms to warm it up and thin it out a bit. Your hands should feel a little greasy, but shouldn't feel coated in goo. Gently smooth the goo through the wet hair, doing everything possible to coat evenly, although you seem to have only a tiny amount of junk. Comb through, and style as usual.

Using the Kuza, I have now been washing my hair two or more times per week, but only smooshing on the goo once a week. It does tend to build up, since it seems that there's no way to wash it out. If you use too much, (as arcanamundi points out) you are in serious trouble as you are stuck with greasy hair til your follicles can suck up the oils (or so it seems). For this reason, I strongly suggest trying this out once or twice on days when you plan to be sitting on the couch watching movies in your pj's all day.