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It is one of the 10 Beaujolais wine vintages.

According to a legend, the Côte de Brouilly would originate in a hood of broken stones poured by Gargantua, one evening of drinking bout.

It is in Brulius, lieutenant victorious of the Roman army, which accepted in reward a piece of this territory, that the hill must be called Brouilly.
It is certain that towards IVth or Vth century, on the mountain of Brouilly, small pieces of vines were planted close to the dwellings.

Paradin, in 1672, speaks about " this old hearth of vine growing of quality of the Brouilly Mount, included/understood in the jurisdiction of St Lagier ", and puts it in the forefront.

In the topography of all the vineyard known, Andre Jullien with beginning of XIXth century affirm that " Brouilly, locate on the part the higher of mountain of this name, fact of wine not very lower with those of Chénas " (than it locate in 1st class) and he continues : " they have a sunk color, much of body and are preserved a long time, especially those of the hamlet of Néronde ".

Equipped with a beautiful dress brilliant crimson, which moderates glares ruby, the Côte de Brouilly, is a well balanced elegant wine. One appreciates of them the flavours of fresh grapes and iris.

By taking age, it evolves/moves all in smoothness and in elegance, one can envisage to keep it several years.