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"Can I have a sip of your water?"

What the hell? This is a rave is it not? Can you not see the sweat dripping off of my body? Did you not see me tearing it up on the dance floor? Aren't my pupils the size of dinner plates? All right then. What is the problem?

I used to be one of those freaky people who could never drink out of someone else's glass. If I were going to, I'd have to turn the cup around and drink from the other side. At some point in my life, that has changed. Now I'm a raver and I've shared water bottles with thousands of people if you consider that if you drink off of someone's bottle, you're drinking from everyone they've shared with that night. And I'm still alive. I have feared getting mono from this practice, especially when one of my raver friends came down with it, but it never happened.

It's really easy to get thirsty at raves, even while sober. It's hot and you're sweating, thirst just kind of happens. And if you're on ecstasy, the problem is doubled. Why refusing to share your water with a raver in need is related to this...the biggest problem associated with ecstasy use, at least in the short term, is dehydration. People who have died on the drug for the most part die of dehydration or overheating, and it should be obvious why even strangers around you would not want that to happen.

I can count on one hand the number of times I've been refused water at a party. Actually, I can do it on one finger. The only reason that I can account for this is maybe she was new to the scene and had some freaky hygiene issue, but it was still disturbing. Many times strangers will come up to me and offer water. Refusing to share water shows that you don't care for your fellow raver and thus negates any love and unity; without this, there is no vibe.