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Block stack falling you're my sun set calling, curve cut feeling and small moment stealing. Six steps seven to an edge, last night in a dream I.

Saw bodies falling. Let's tear down build up smashing a new world. Lets build something stronger than either of us alone, lets build a noplace we can never call home. I walked fifty miles to see the ocean, I took myself someplace bigger than I would ever go on my own. I built a dream out of somewhere, I built an alone. You can never really know someone, at least not all the way. Ive said more good-byes than I ever thought I would. I got used to building things up and tearing them down, if you look closely and really want to it is possible to find a cycle for anything (everything). I got scared when things decided to stay standing instead of crumbling like I expected. I have dreams where I spend an endless trying to coax a perfect out of something that will never yield it. It is not a patient so much as a not able to let go or say when. Even if it is bad I dont want to stop. Cant there be a little forever in everything, a no dont end lets make pretend keep going.

Lets coast.

Staring out nineteen-fifties or eighties windows and making inside jokes. Waiting for the future and wishing for the past. (lets make this last).