i wrote a postcard today


                 (cont' from bottom) ... outside the bus, I looked
                                          down at the wet sidewalk
Kelly,                21.02.2002          and saw one leaf. it was
                                          beautiful. Love,
   as I  write this,  i am                                Chris       
  standing on 5th avenue at                                           USA21
 Yamhill. The MAX just went by.                
It's  22:30 and still warm--                   K E l l y  O ' H a R A
What  awarm day it's been ! It              
rained a lot but is clear now, and          xxxx  x x x x x x x  A V 
it smells lovely,of springtime. I have      
been  watching a couple at the              S T   P A U L       M N
bus stop. Her face is nuzzling his neck,                                       
and  he has suchahappy grin on him.      |              | 551054 |            
I want to take a picture of them,        |
but  Idon't  havemy camera and would     |  
be  too shy  anyways. ¶ I'm on the bus now. The couple  got on too, and I'm
 sitting behing them, watching. she's resting her head on his shoulder. They're
 so adorable .  A scruffy  looking  guy Offered  me  sausage. Of course  I 
didn't want it ,  but it was kind of him. Hewasgiving it toevery one.¶ As I
got off the bus, I smiled at the     |
     couple. Then, outside | (go up) |

  words written in a circle surrounding a b&w picture of a bridge and downtown buildings)

this bridge holds such a prominent place in my personal
mythology. i have been crossing it often for so many
years. The trees and downtown and the river and the parks

and so on are parts of Portland, and of my city, but the Hawthorne Bridge is

my bridge. It represents my home and my places in
this city. I remember walking across it when it
reopened. I bent down and kissed the sidewalk.

so many times I've walked or biked or bussed or driven or even ridden and
driven a rickshaw across this bridge. The Hawthorne Bridge. I love it.