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If you're thinking of starting a journal, or any other kind of chronological log, and for some sick reason you're content with saving all your entries in one long file in Microsoft Notepad, you can just insert the following text at the beginning (with the capital letters):
All the times thereafter that you open the file in Notepad, it will automatically append the current date-and-time (in the following format: "12:00 AM 1/1/2001") and a newline character. The same effect may be attained by choosing "timestamp" from the "insert" menu as soon as you open the file, but this makes it automated.

It doesn't matter what you put after ".LOG", by the way, so you could put ".LOGs can provide warmth" as the first line of your journal - if that strikes your fancy - or whatever.

Another note about the formatting:
Txikwa says re Journal: Interesting. But I just tried it then and got 12:26 26/11/02 so it uses your local formatting.. This should have been obvious to me :P