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Elizabeth Zimmerman is a well known knitter, unfortunately now deceased. She is a designer of patterns for knitting as well as writing several books on how to knit. One of her most popular books is "Knitting Without Tears".

This book covers basic knitting technique and knitting philosophy and emphasizes such critical things as the importance of gauge, if you want a sweater that fits.

So, what is knitting technique and what does philosophy have to do with knitting? Knitting technique is how you apply the basic knitting skills. How do you hold your needles, yarn, etc. Knitting philosophy can best be described as how you approach knitting?. Are you a perfectionist, do you rigidly adhere to the pattern, or are you more relaxed type, whose willing to change things as needed or desired? Everyone's approach to knitting is different. Debates between knitters as to the "right way" to do something can be heated as a discussion about coding standards. There is no one right way to knit, although there are those that would argue with the statement, simply find what works for you and lets you make something that fits!.