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I've been ill for a while, and haven't been able to answer to any messages, for which I apologise. I'm back now.

April 17, 2003: Cairo.

If you don't play their games, you can't play with them at all.

Some statistics from my recent 4,5 month stay in Yemen:

  • Rate of the good old Yemeni riyal: 1$ = 180YR
  • Price of bread in Sana'a: 10 riyals
  • Money spent on qat: 11 000 riyals (about)
  • Money spent on cheap Syrian platform shoes: 26 000 YR
  • Pairs of cheap Syrian platform shoes returned because they go to pieces: 2
  • Money spent on alcohol: 2600 riyals, equalling two clandestine pints of beer and a double whisky at the Sheraton Hotel
  • Money lost because of being cheated by shrewd shopkeepers: probably more than I think
  • Money left: there wasn't enough to begin with
  • Wins in Minesweeper: 60 (my am I sad or what)
  • Number of over-hormonal sexually frustrated guys on the streets: hundreds... no, thousands
  • Marriage offers: 3
  • Embarrassing social faux-pas committed: 13 and counting
  • Number of anonymous love letters received: 2
  • Bottom gropes received: 30+
  • Gropes received on various other bodyparts: 8 (the bastards!)
  • Number of hours per day supposed to be dedicated to studying Arabic: 5
  • Number of hours per day actually spent studying Arabic: 0,5 at most
  • Number of power cuts in the last month: 28
  • Public executions witnessed: 1
  • Explosions witnessed: 1 (gunpowder incident in an internet cafe)
  • Packets of vile Kamaran Abyad cigarettes smoked despite the self-imposed ban on smoking: 15
  • Number of days when it was raining: 2
  • Number of times I've wished I was somewhere, anywhere else: too high to count and getting higher every day

I solemnly covenant that at least 90% of my writeups shall be factual writeups

Covenant update January 1, 2003:

Number of write-ups: 50
Factual write-ups: 48
Non-factual: 2 (one of them my highest rep... *sigh*)
Daylogs: 2

You know, I am a dull kinda person.

Nodes I'm going to write... sometime. Or you can write them instead.