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A device invented by Wilhelm Reich.
It consisted of long metal tubes, on a moveable platform, connected to moving water by metal cables, which he thought could channel the orgone energy, found in water, as well as the atmosphere.

It is directly related to the DORbuster, which is another story.

He reported pointing it directly at a cloud, caused the cloud to blow apart, hence the name. He thought the excess orgone energy caused the cloud to explode. By pointing it into empty sky, it caused clouds to form.

He was reported to make it rain with this device.
Once, after he observed a UFO nearby, he pointed the cloud-buster at it, and it began to wobble, then sped off. He thought UFOs were run on orgone, and contained Space-Men. Soon after this the FDA destroyed a lot of his research, and threw him in jail for violating an order not to ship any Orgone devices across state lines.

His writings on these incidents still exist in his writings.

Cloud busters are still in use, with high speed films of the effect on clouds, and modern fine-tuning of the devices. Modern Orgone researchers found that the tubes grounded orgone, rather than shooting it out of the tubes.

To this day, the controversy over this device still rages on the Net.