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You can't fight ideas with bullets, I said, but he tried anyway.

}i?! f;e:lt.th:e c,law.s:in.my.mind, immediately
falling through eons of nothing

when i died, i fell through the extra layers fast

(later i was told i had built up a lot of karma

when you have a lot of space, you tend to accumulate possessions)


like hitting the bottom of the ocean at 1000kph
        waking in your own body a million years hence

and when you look around through clouds of disturbed silt

you feel small, you realize death means nothing


Men in labcoats gathered around the monitor displaying a man with a gun. Someone off-screen exchanged words with him, and there was a loud sound. The monitor went gray. The men exchanged glances. As some were leaving and others were arguing, they heard another sound. It was like wind across a desert, chopped and distorted and layered against windchimes two miles distant. They saw green on the monitor, followed by black.