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This sentence is in Spanish while you're not looking looks like this when you're not looking. Thank you babelfish. Actually, it says "when" you're not looking, because babelfish translates "while" to mean "whereas". whatever.

Update after about 3 years of Spanish classes: it would actually look like "Esta frase está en español cuando usted no está mirándola." The main differences are that frase is better than sentencia, and that the object pronoun "lo" after mirando is slightly important.

Pronunciation: e is pronounced like in peg or leg. a is prounounced like in a-ha! i is pronounced like an english y. o is always closed, like in boat or so. u is pronounced like oo as in goober. E-sta FRA-sse est-A en ess-pan-YOL KWAN-do u-STED no e-STA mi-RAN-do-lo.