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I think I'm in love with everything. I'm in love with a database, of 1s and 0s all stacked up nicely into paragraphs ranging from humor to sadness to joy to random thoughts to so many pieces of information sometimes I feel as if my mind is going to overflow. A friend of mine told me that E2 is filled with incorrect data and subjectivity and whatever else, but that means nothing to me.

Are you addicted to E2? I certainly am. I am addicted to peering into moments of other people's lives, of seeing the truth they might not have told anywhere else, the stories of their days, of love lost and found, of death and sadness and pain. I'm addicted to not knowing these people, because I might never exchange a word with them, but I'm hanging onto their every word and every thought and find myself unable to look away.

Why is this so intriguing, so captivating, so beautiful? Online, people seem to hold an honesty they don't elsewhere. They can be themselves without worrying so much, share things they have always longed to share but were for one reason or another unable to. But it's so much more than that. More than I can even understand.

I'm in love with everything. Even the factual nodes have their place in my heart, as I've found myself able to study so much easier. Node your homework! And it works. I have midterms this week and I'm not sweating it because I know the material from either finding it on here or creating a node about it. Incorrect data? Maybe. But you see the sides to an idea that you may not see anywhere else, where you'd have to search endlessly on Google or what have you.

Maybe it's a silly thing to feel this way about a database. Maybe it's even more silly not to. In any case, I love you E2!