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A fictional character referenced by the band Grandaddy on their 2000 release "The Sophtware Slump"

Presumably sent out into space for an unknown reason, 2000 man finds himself alone, in a sort of "Ground Control To Major Tom" scenario, in which the human race has been obliterated through unknown means. Upon reaching deep space, he spends many a dull moment reflecting on the beauty that our beloved planet once held for him, only to find through the use of a machine called the Dial-A-View that it has all been erased. Upon returning to Earth, he realizes he can not stay there, and must again aim toward the sky.

The Sophtware Slump is not the only Grandaddy album that contains songs that carry these themes, and in no way are the travels of 2000 man confined to this plot element. He is simply a traveler, a poet, a dreamer, and a pioneer.