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A skit on the popular early 90's MTV sketch comedy show "The State" featuring two afro-clad men stuck in what appeared to be the swinging 70's. Complete with bright colored smoking jackets, Barry and Levon would appease the viewer by being 70's smooth to inanimate objects. The first skit in which they appeared found them whispering sweet nothin's to "two hundred and forty dollas worth o' pudd'n". This was a large mound of vanilla-looking pudding that sat behind them while they conjured up innuendos regarding the pudding and where they got the money.

Barry: You could be saying to yourself... you could have bought 100 dollars worth of pudding...
Levon: And that would be... a lot of pudding..
Barry: That's right, baby
Levon: But we had to go all the way, baby
Barry: We had the 240..
Levon: We had to have the pudding.

The sketch continues on as such, with them repeating the phrase "Awwww yeah", until finally they "do the deed", which entails rubbing their asses into the pudding with ecstatic looks upon their faces.

Subsequent episodes involved a loveseat (which they put on 'layaway') and Barry and Levon on the Moon.