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The Holy Quran translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali in 1934, is one of the most widely used English translation of the Quran. He included commentary and interpretation to the translation. Though muslims believe no translation can replace the original Quran in Arabic.

The Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translations of the verses of the Quran are available on the net including at following web sites, most courtesy of The Islamic Computing Centre, London.

  • Adnan Mukhtar's Complete Abdullah Yusuf Ali Translation of the Quran (mukhtar.homedns.org) contains the English and Arabic text of the verses including the copious commentaries and footnotes by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.
  • MSA of U Southern California (www.usc.edu/dept/MSA/quran)
  • MSA of U Alabama (info.uah.edu/msa/quranYusufali.html)
  • Islam101 (www.islam101.com/quran/quranYusuf/quranYusuf.html)

The Abdullah Yusuf Ali's translation by Surah / Chapters.

updated September 13, 2003