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I am tired. Not in that I need a nap sort of way, because I've already taken a nap today, and that didn't help with the tiredness. I am also not tired in the "Woe is me, my life is so hard" sort of way, because my life isn't that hard. I am just tired in a general malaise sort of way. Some days I'll be ready to achieve that day's goal, but most days I won't. My name is on all of the paperwork so I can really do whatever the fuck I want. If anyone has a problem with that they can take it up with the boss, who is?

One of my problems is that my office is too comfortable, and I don't want to be here anyway. Paradoxical you say, oh, no, even a homebody like myself who has all of his creature comforts right at hand needs to go out into the wild regularly enough to be forced to appreciate the fine things he has waiting for him at home. I leave to get lunch, eat in my office, then take a nap. This has become my routine, it is too comfortable.

Fortunately I am usually good at delegating, so the things that need to be done are completed. Even though I only feel like working about two days out of the week I usually get three or four days worth of work done on those days. But today I am tired. I don't feel like completing my current project because it will jut lead me right into the next project that I am ready to do, but do not really want to do right now. Who knows, maybe tomorrow I'll be really into it. Everything gets done eventually.

My little girls will be here soon, and that should cheer me up. Maybe it won't be an entirely wasted day after all.

Noises: The Smiths -- William, It Was Really Nothing (single)