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A Century of Elvis

We were sitting in the living room on the sofa, the wrong way round, looking out the window. It was quiet, and then in the car park across the road we saw Elvis - look, there beside the postman's van, and he was walking round the postman's van, looking in the open door. He looked as if he was thinking about getting in, but then the postman came back, and he swaggered off, walked past the window and down the stairs, and then at the bottom of the stairs right by the caretaker's office, he started licking the pavement. Every night now since we moved in that new house there's this noise outside the door at just about half seven or eight o' clock every night. And if we go and look outside the door, Elvis'll be standing there waiting to be let in. And then he wanders into the living room, maybe sits down on one of the chairs or even lies down on the floor. He doesn't say much, he just stays there for an hour or two, watching the TV. We talk to him a bit, and then around ten o' clock, he'll go away again, and not come back until the next night.