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How Many Ways Can You Say "Bok Choi/Choy"?

bok choy = Chinese chard = Chinese white cabbage = Chinese cabbage = Chinese mustard cabbage = pak choy = pak choi = baak choi = white mustard cabbage = yow choy = white celery mustard = taisai

Pronunciation: BAHK-choy

Notes: Small heads of bok choy are called baby bok choy. Of the baby bok choys, bok choy sum = Canton bok choy has small yellow flowers (sum is the Chinese word for flower), while Shanghai bok choy is uniformly a bright, light green, doesn't have flowers, and isn't as sweet.

Is it good for you? Of course it is. Look at this: fat and cholesterol free, low in calories (about 10 for a 1 1/2 cups raw), and a good source of vitamin C (45% of daily requirements) and A (10%).

So do as ideath says. Everybody else always does!

Oh, and for a steamed, vinegared dish that uses bok choy see Penne with Chipotle Tofu, Vinegared Cabbages, Peppers and Onion.