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A great number of people on E2 are students. Some are university or college students, others are in high school. Some of us finished schooling long ago.

So here's the thing. Why suffer from node-block when you probably have pages of perfectly nodeworthy material on your hard disk?

You wrote a review of Red Badge of Courage or Wuthering Heights three years ago? Clean it up, put in the HTML and node it. You're studying for a chemistry test and you just know you're going to forget this thing or that? Node it. Your PhD thesis on the corrosion of tin-foil at sub-zero temperatures when molded into hats worn by paranoid bob-sledders is 300 pages long. There must be something interesting in it.

Look at jandradt. He noded an essay on Virginia Woolf from senior high school called Against you I will fling myself, unvanquished and unyielding, O Death! and won big prizes! A place on the Page of Cool, a ching, and double-digit votes! You could be a winner too!

Seriously, I am sure you have material just lying around that would be useful and worthwhile. Or you are studying maths or film-making or cooking and making copious notes.

E2 wants to assimilate it.