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alternative sexuality, cheese (and, it appears, high-heeled shoes and western-washington cities)
The Church of Mez, the largest (perhaps only) transhumanist cult in the pacific northwest of the US
If N is good, mN is better (for values of m > 1).
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I've bought a house and I'm in the throes of remodelling and quitting my job and catching up on the five years of life that was passing me by while I was working too hard. So I'm still around...just not every day.

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Honey | cooling1018 | Zarmvenius | my.raindance | Smappdi | nosfentor | Peace Frog | morganlight | gobbet

(once upon a time, not all that long ago, Gritchka put me on a list like this. It kept me noding. I appreciate that, and would like to pay forward.)
It appears, in retrospect, that I've collected identity-labels much the way I've collected fun footwear. At any given time, I can wear various combinations of:
I have a personal webpage so I don't have to write damn bios. Go visit for information about me, so I can stop feeling guilty about putting random non-bio-related stuff on my homenode.
noding about noding.
what does an in-progress writeup look like? The following was an early draft of lacquer, before I decided that I really don't know enough about japanese culture to write intelligently about an art so deeply intertwined with it.
While natural lacquer can be found finishing Vietnamese tableware and Russian boxes, lacquer is best-known for its use in traditional Japanese art -- so much so that japanned is synonomous with lacquered.

Lacquerware in Japan dates back to at least the Fifteenth Century, when ...

Now three different styles of lacquerware comprise three of the ten nationally designated traditional arts of Japan.

Traditionally, lacquer is made from the sap of a laquer tree.

One of the reasons that I'm an unordered-list-addict is that I have this fantasy that it helps me keep things organized. Things like my bookmarks.

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