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Fruit of the Loom are advertised by the "Fruit of the Loom" guys. We've all seen these commercials but I've always wondered what the brown thing is. There's the Apple, the Green Grape, the Purple Grape and then... what the hell is that last thing? The final "guy" looks like shredded brown rags. After a little searching it turns out that it is Leaf. An official website states:

"The most often asked question is whether he’s in fact a fruit – to which he replies, 'Well technically, no, but our lawyer says that because a leaf can be attached or connected to fruit, I can legally be called a Fruit Guy.'" -- Leaf

Personally, I think this is ridiculous. And I seriously doubt the most frequent question isn't, "Dude, what exactly are you?!?" I'm guessing the logo preceded the spokes-fruits. The logo does have an apple and three colored grapes laying on what appears to be lettuce. But it's green lettuce. Why is the character brown and wilted looking?? I mean, the grapes aren't raisins, right?