One of the newer enemies of Spiderman. Carnage, like Venom, is a symbiont. He's a combination of an alien life form "suit" on the outside, and a crazy mass murderer human on the inside. What fun! Carnage's alien half is the spawn of Venom's alien half. While Carnage really hates Spiderman, he basically likes killing anything he can, including Venom. The cool thing about Carnage is that his suit has a much less stable look than Venom's. Venom has a nice black suit with a cool white distorted spider thing across the chest, while Carnage's suit is crazy blend of constantly flowing black and red that shoots right off of the human form in little tendrils. The suit can be used for all kinds of great things: Stuff gets stored by disappearing into it, you can mimic complicated things like clothing, and can also create big axe like weapons for chopping our friendly neighborhood Spiderman in half. Sweet.