Nancy Pimental, most known for her role as the current cohost and announcer on Comedy Central's game show Win Ben Stein's Money, is a 27 year old Massachusetts native who earned a degree in chemical engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Pimental then studied classical acting at a theater conservatory in Boston. Later, she moved to Los Angeles where she performed stand-up and improv comedy and was hired as a screenwriter for South Park in early 1998.

Columbia Pictures has bought Pimental's first screen play The Sweetest Thing, previously called the Untitled Nancy Pimental Project, starring Cameron Diaz for a release as early as August 2001. The movie is described as a "bawdy comedy" in which a young club-hopping woman (Diaz) has no idea of the unspoken rules of dating etiquette when she finally meets Mr. Right. Pimental has also written a pilot for Fox's Honey Vicarro starring Jenny McCarthy who plays the title character- a detective/swinger stuck in the 1960s. As a cohost on Win Ben Stein's Money, Pimental takes on costumed personas and uses her quick wit and spunky dry humor to flaunt her beauty and brains.


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