A craft English farmhouse cheese, vegetarian, and made of organic and unpasteurised sheep's milk, with a lemon twist and a nice sprinkle of cinnamon okay I'm joking about the lemon twist and the cinnamon. Beenleigh Blue is only available from August through January. Its fat content is around fifty percent, and was created by Robin Congdon and Sari Coope.

The cheese's rustic and crusty rind is somewhat sticky and fetchingly mottled with white, grey, and blue mold. The blue shot through is bold and thick, with the curd being moist and crumbly. The flavour of this singular cheese is said to be "steely blue, with burnt caramel sweetness". On the palate it is strong and spicy, and as such should be kept on a leash okay I'm joking about the leash. sheesh.

Give the cheese six months to mature and then eat your Beenleigh Blue with a mug of mead!

research source: cheese.com and the morphogenetic field.