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Jordan is the name of a formula 1 motor racing team owned and run by Irishman Eddie Jordan.

He used to work in the Bank of Ireland, but gave up his job to follow his dream of creating a formula-1 motor racing team.

He sold off all of his posession in Ireland and with his wife lived in a caravan in Monte-Carlo for a couple of years drumming up support and finances for his formula-1 team.

Not a newcomer to the sport of motor racing he has been involved for many years in different formula. He was the first person to give the legendary Ayrton Senna a drive in one of the junior formula a long time ago.

He was the first person to give Micheal Schumacher a drive in formula-1 but the German wunderkind was stolen by Benneton that year. Undeterred Jordan gave Micheal's brother Ralph a drive a few years later.

Before he moved off out of Ireland he had a house which had a hanging basket chair and I sat in it when I was about five years old. I still remeber it.