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I feel loved today.

Ed sent me flowers! <valleygirl>Like Oh My Gosh! I'm like so totally special!valleygirl> (yes I DO actually talk like that sometimes!)

Ed loves me. I knew this. We tell each other all the time. He's a little more real to me now though. See, I've talked to him on the phone a few times but I've never actually met him. He lives in Chicago, me in Southern California. We met online through a mutual friend.

Yesterday he was asking me lots of questions. Things like my favorite colors and stuff. Today I got flowers. They're so pretty, and the little card that he didn't sign but is still something physical from him I can hold in my hand. I'll probably keep it in my wallet. Something to remind me, when I'm feeling so alone, that someone really does care. He cares enough to figure out my address and send me flowers. I love him so much. He makes me feel loved and special and makes me smile and giggle like no one else can.

This afternoon I chaperoned my little sisters valentine day dance. My best friend was there too. My sister is 13 and in sixth grade. I didn't even see her much at the dance. She begged me to chaperone so me and my best friend, YellowFlower, did. They had little games for the kids. She worked the ring toss and I worked the little basketball game. Then we gave each kid that played candy...and ate a few ourselves. hehehe. It was kind of fun I guess. I was glad when it was over though. I'm just too tired.

After the dance, we went to Grandma's house to pick up our little brother. Then we all went home. YellowFlower came home with us and me and her, both of us are 20 years old, sat down and watched our favorite video. What video? VEGGIETALES!!! Silly Songs!!! I love Veggietales. She does too. After the video I took her home. My parents went out to dinner so it's just me and the kids home now. I just wish I wasn't so tired...I tried to sleep earlier and I couldn't.

Insomnia sucks!!!