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mission drive within everything
To click "Random Node" and have something I wrote come up.
a lil' bit about medicine, some about edumacation
an educational management company
I try to eat with my fingers as much as possible.
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Infrequently Asked Questions
Why did it take you two years to start writing?
Hmm. Well, I don't remember how I found e2 in the first place, but I do know that I wrote something stupid and then left. I was looking through some old bookmarks and found e2 again; this time, I guess I was just more humble. I wanted to get it right, so I read a lot and then tried my hand at it after about a week or so. The time between being stupid and being humble was about 2 years.

What's up with the name?
Gosh, I've been using that for years, and it's because I am a total spaz (and a girl). I walk into walls and tables, I fall down for no apparent reason, I lock myself out of the apartment when I go to get the mail, I dance like an epileptic freak, I don't think about things before I say them, I'm totally gullible, I thanked both Klaproth and Cool Man Eddie, I punched myself...

Things I'd like to node:
+ What I used to know and was convinced I forgot until I thought about it (medicine, radiology)
+ What I want to know about that isn't here already
+ Cultural phenomena and items I have known and loved (zines, independent publications, 70s and 80s and 90s oddities, food, personal care products)
+ Everything else

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