How much different can this baby be, is what I was thinking. I know I will love this one because he is one of the family, but I will not lie and say he's the cutest if it is not true. This is what I had decided and this is what I truly expected to do.

Guess what. Again I am cut off midplans. Again I am brought up short by my pettiness. What was I thinking, that this baby would not be his own beautiful person? Of course he is.

Fat face. Big blue eyes. Looks like he has escaped from A Bugs Life or Antz. Of course I do not say this out loud to Hannah but if I did she would know I meant it like something good. This fatso is beatiful, I say. He looks nothing like us, did you get a good deal on him at least? We laugh and laugh and he chuckles with us. Happy beautiful boy.

Talker, five months old and crowing and crowing. I am sure he is telling me good stories. I wish I could speak his half-gone language. I wish I knew the secrets he was telling me. I take him from her and walk away into my own quiet corner. Delighted to meet you, Sir Bugeye. Please tell me more jokes. My sister cannot hear what I am saying but she grins triumphantly, I told you you would love my baby. I told you he was worth the trip.

Guess what. So it is another kid. So what. I cannot wait to see this one grow up.