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Bodies In Parallel
-what comes of dreaming after a late-night study of multitasking in computer operating systems.

  • I am at my summer workplace, Agilent, except the building is right on the coastline, with an open picnic area looking out on the ocean. It's a Saturday, so there are not many people around and I'm indoors. I become lucid and decide that I want to go out back and fly out over the sea. I'm rude to some co-workers as I leave my cubical but think nothing of it since they are dream characters.

  • I am a mid-twenties female who looks a lot like Winona Ryder. I'm outside the Agilent building and it's a foggy day so I've worn dark blue denim jeans and a matching jacket. I'm supposed to meet Dan in back since this is a lucid dream of mine and we're going to fly out over the ocean. Walking around the side of the complex, I make my way to the picnic area.

  • I reach the exit and look out through the panoramic windows to the gray foggy sky and ocean. I walk out the door to meet my friend. I'm just now realizing that our consciousness is shared equally between us and I am experiencing the dream reality through both of our sensoriums in parallel. This could be something fun to play with.

  • I get to the back and walk towards the edge of the rocky slope. It's a very peculiar sensation having two minds at once. On a whim, I decide to end one of them to recall what it's like to experience only one mind.

  • Since I feel more at home in my male body I decide to throw my female body into the sea. (This is all in the morally-free spirit of a lucid dream). We smile at each other as I pick her up and lift her above my head.

  • Just then an ogre-like being grabs my male body and shrinks it to the size of a basketball with sheer strength, then discards the body on the rocks. I stand up and the ogre tosses a grape-sized object to me: my male brain, squishy and brown. I laugh and throw it into the water. What a queer dream, I think.