1 Solomon's Song of Songs

2 He'll kiss me, with the kisses of his mouth,
For your love
your lovers
your Davids
are fairer than wine.

3 To the fragrance of your fair oils
Your name is Turak oil
For this the ladies loved you.

4 Draw me close! We'll run after you
For the King brought me to his rooms
We'll rejoice and delight in you
We'll remember that your love
your lovers
your Davids
are fairer
than wine

5 I am Black and beautiful,
daughters of Jerusalem
Like black tents in the desert
Like the sheets of Solomon

6 Don't fear my blackness
I was tanned by the sun
My mother's sons shunned me
Since my oil bore the vines
I didn't bear my own vine

7 Please tell me, love of my soul,
How can you do wrong?
How will you accompany me?
Where are you?
Where will you strike
for your noon-lunch?
I'll be Complete, like a wrap
on your friends' flocks.

8 Should you not know,
most beautiful woman of all:
Follow in the steps of the flock
Follow Jacob to Zion
And tend your kids by the shepherds

9 Like my horse in Pharaoh's chariot
I pictured you, my companion

10 Please, Pray, Look,
Elated daughter:
Your lively smile
Searching the sea
Your neck in pearls

Your long commands in rhyme

11 Eras of gold we'll make for you,
Nation of silver vowels
Doves of gold we'll make for you,
w/ silver punctuation

12 Before the King was in his banquet
Before the King was in his chair
Before the King was in his circle
My nardine gave its scent

13 A wreath of the Myrh,
my David
between my breasts
will rest

14 The fire of all the villages,
My David is to me
In the vines of the Dead Sea Oasis

15 You're beautiful, companion,

16 You're beautiful, David, and lovely
According to our awoken change: Fresh.

17 The walls of our Houses -- Cedars
Fluent like Cypresses
Sea Creations