I love you and will love you.
I cherish you and will cherish you.
The journey we’ve begun has no end:
I will be yours forever.
I will hug you first in times of joy
  and I will revel in your successes.
I will turn to you first in hardship or sorrow
  and I will always be ready to comfort you.
I will protect you from hurt
  and do no hurt to you;
I will support you in your choices
  and hold you foremost in my own.
I offer you all that I have and all that I am
  and what you entrust in me I will never betray.
My heart will be your shelter
  and your arms will be my home.
I love you and will love you always.

I said it seven years ago, bare and blue of foot, ringed by flowers and mountains and family, with her hands in mine and not a thing out of place in the world, and I couldn't mean it more that day or this. I live my life astonished and thankful she meant it too.