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Gray was a band formed in New York City in 1979. Founding members included Jean-Michel Basquiat, Nick Marion Taylor and Vincent Gallo. The name was a reference to the book, Gray's Anatomy

A part of the thriving downtown music scene that included artists like DNA, Blondie, and Talking Heads, Gray reportedly never recorded but performed live a few times, most notably at the punk hangout the Mudd Club.

As Basquiat rose to fame as a painter and eventually became addicted to heroin, the band naturally got pushed off to the side. This year, recordings of the band finally surfaced and made it into the film Downtown 81. The closest thing to Gray recordings before this was when founding member Nick Marion Taylor contributed a song "Suicide Hotline" to the soundtrack for the film Basquiat that looped sounds from a prank call Basquiat made to a Suicide Hotline in NYC.