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I have somewhat relucantly come to the conclusion that in the upcoming elections for the European Parliament that I shall be casting my vote for the UKIP.

Of course it is embarassing to vote for a party that promotes itself with the likes of Joan Collins and Robert Kilroy-Silk, and no I don't think that the party's main goal of withdrawal from the European Union. But I am so fundamentally tired of all the waste, corruption and fraud that sits at the heart of the European bureaucracy and the fact that our European lords and masters sweep it all under the carpet in order not to distract from their next grand design. Which of course no one wants or needs, and which will achieve nothing of any consequence.

Even the dear old Conservative Party spends half its time desperately trying not to sound too sceptical about the whole European thing in order to avoid charges of 'extremism'; and as for the Liberal Democrats well, never before in human history have so many ill conceived ideas been welded together into a single platform.

It is about time that we sent a rocket up Tony Bliar's backside and if Charles Kennedy would only sober up once in a while, he'd realise that if the single currency is the answer, then you're asking the wrong question.