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I've been absent for quite some time from our little geek paradise here. Lots of reasons - mostly the trip to Hawaii and illness.

*bleagh* Whatever ... anyway, I'm back.

This was quite an eventful month, though. Oahu was beatiful and the three people I was with (two others that were traveling with me and the friend from school we were visiting) managed not to not kill each other or ruin any friendships, even after spending constant time together for two weeks.

Coming back from Oahu, I continued to spend more and more time with cute girl and her ex-boyfriend (strangely enough). He got kicked out of his house and needed a place to crash for a couple of weeks (he's about to move to Seattle), so he's staying with me and my roommates. The day that he moved in, she and I ... well, "opened up" about our attractions to each other.


I have a girlfriend. It's kind of a weird feeling. I mean ... I've had boyfriends before and I've had flings with girls, but I've never had a girlfriend before her. And, the strangest thing is, it doesn't really feel that weird. That's what's really throwing me for a loop here. It feels so natural, I worry that I'm already too deeply involved, that I like her too much.

She worries about the same things.

I'm happy, though. I need to learn to take that for what it's worth - I need to learn how to be just plain happy.